Tuesday, April 8, 2014

brass chimes sing for me;
peeling paint from ten year old planks--
wide-brimmed weed shies next to a stone;
illuminated voices of the birds;
I am worn slate hidden from home

Monday, April 7, 2014

Conversing With Sparrows And Crows

curious sparrows flutter
to the open door [of the car];

looking up at me looking down at them

before flitting away in
surprise at my presence

crow lands atop the door
cocking his head at me;

looking for food?

their curiosity matches my own;
what language do you speak?

Saturday, April 5, 2014


the plane is spiraling out of control but has not crashed into the goddamn mountain. it isn't aerodynamic hence the reason it is doomed to spiral into oblivion. WHOOPING CRANES FLY INTO THE FUCKING SUN WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A BLINK OF AN EYE.

mountains(!), strip-mined, topple and kill all the senseless fuckers who mined it and decimate the wildlife around it. vapid babble ceaselessly flows from the mouths of self-important, self-gratifying jackasses who undoubtedly know all there is to know about all things without having to even open a book! "mindless quoting" floats in and out of windows and air conditioners as though those reciting the quotes have complete understanding of the idea and work from which it came.

save the sea turtles! save the whales! the vast destruction of ecosystems across the globe twinkles in the eyes of clueless people spouting ideals with devout iron-will. sodomy. horse racing. twinkle, twinkle, little star. quick! turn to the five-o-clock news! CONSTRICTED INFORMATION SHITS OUT OF TELEVISION SCREENS ACROSS THE NATION, ACROSS THE GLOBE!

great exasperating debates about fictional characters set flames to computer screens across the fifty states. fruit smoothies. lemon-lime flavored drinks. tears wept for all the musicians that die but we never listened to. uncontrollable bowel movements stifle the urge to have sex in the streets while dogs and cats look on.

reduce your carbon footprint! become a tree! SPINELESS LAUGHTER REVERBERATES IN THE MOUTHS OF HOLLOW-EYED PROTESTORS. PROTEST ALL THINGS! we won't let them have our chocolate pudding; those damn bastards! ranked by stupidity and intelligence. swarms of test papers crowd the minds of uninteresting young adults who wish to contribute to endless destruction because it's what their parents, teachers, and government expect them to do. OH, little Johnny! OH, little Karen!

strong winds carrying the smell of bubbly farts waft in and out of the minds of human cattle. flavored ice creams. radio waves. devoid of all meaning, words, language, startles little invention but senseless revolution. nothing begets nothing. argyle. yesterday's moon. what has come to fruition?

Saturday, March 29, 2014


cicadas can, can't, in the air-conditioning
away from the heat and scorn
by nature snakes have two heads


ladybugs and the glint of any old katana;


I love myself/I hate myself
lotus leaves and glass
pointed sourly at a pool of water


pubic out-scene without much of an encore
to be in the grass, in sleaze, and trash

of course

mightily, happily, to be a season

words and I must ponder them
without treason--I must insist


am I cute, obsolete, and dead?

without the sense of many a crow
I would say with much sorrow

dually worded; yes, no?

waterfall friendships

when I sought out the omniscient shrew, he
tied my fingers together, like laces, into
intricate knots

so complex were my dead appendages that I
hadn't noticed the hemorrhages lining this page

all empires fall

I've endured a Babylonian lifestyle
cradled my vices like children

now I shrink into sobriety

and suck up true words and meanings
in hopes of surviving a Babylonian world